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Without mentioning your academic qualifications, your resume is incomplete. The higher the academic qualifications, the better are the prospects of a person to achieve success in life.

Academic qualifications play an important role in both professional and social lives of a person. The higher the academic qualifications, the better are the prospects of a person to achieve success in life. We have two different type of services to cater the needs of Academic Students. These are Classroom Coaching and Individual Tuitions.

Professional Certifications help you to stand out of crowd in the competitive job market out there. It gives employers and clients the confidence in your abilities.

Professional certification shows employers and clients that you are committed to your profession and are well-trained. We offer a wide range of courses in professional certifications in the fields of Information and Communication Technology, Accountancy, Marketing, Management.

Test Taking is a skill. Studying hard does not guarantee highest possible marks if the student is unaware of the vital facts and techniques of test taking.

The most important part in the study process is the examinations. Examinations are not only measure of their performances but also deciders of their further education. We provide test preparation services for a wide range of exams for Academic Studies, Professional Studies, and even Hobby Learning.

Hobby is something that we do with heart. Engaging in a hobby can help in many ways such as relieving stress, enlightening moods, and sometimes additional money.

A hobby is an interest or activity that we can do in our leisure time, so that we can engage ourselves in something that pleases us. At Rahul Classes, we provide a wide range of hobby classes to help children and adults to develop additional skills. These includes cooking, dancing, painting, photography and many more.


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Learning is an ongoing process in our life and to cater this, our purpose at Rahul Classes shall be to provide an opportunity for everyone to learn

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Learning is a life-long process. We learn throughout our life even after leaving school or a university. Learning brings happiness, boosts confidence, and lead to a better quality of life. To cater the life-long learning, our purpose shall be to provide an opportunity for everyone to learn.


In past, tuitions were introduced to help weak students so that they can cope with the learning ability. But in today’s competitive world, brighter students are also going for it to increase their performance in the exams.

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At Rahul Classes, we provide courses to cater the learning for each age group. We provide a number of courses in academic coaching, professional certifications, test preparations and hobby classes. We club teaching with practice, support, necessary knowledge, and feedback.


Only learning the subject matter doesn’t impart proper knowledge and skills to perform better in any field. It should be bundled with proper feedback, practice and guidance. We believe in inspiring the students to make the best use of their own resources.

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